let woke extremists educate American children!

Our mission is to create and distribute leadership courses which train kids on ideas and actions they should take which are not being covered in normal schools; and build associated human and electronic networks, meant for growth and influence. And to graduate students; ready to lead in politics, business, media, and other key leadership positions, working with their fellow graduates on specific plans; and with other interested parties; including some with their own powerful projects, brands, and finances.

Educate The Student

Everyone can see the disasterous consequences of incompetent leadership. It is critical that the next generation is educated outside of the traditional classroom environment in order to understand the real world, and take actions accordingly, becoming fearless leaders.


Leadership Workshops is building specific targeted curriculums intended to develop students who are focused on changing the world for the better, in cooperation with their peers and an ever growing network of caring business associates. Effectively utilizing modern technologies, including internet and social networks, will provide leveraged advantages in this pursuit.


Leadership Courses

Students will find a variety of interesting and motivating coursework in our evolutionary serious of classes, ultimately graduating them to become true leaders in Washington, DC, online, and as many other locations and venues as possible.


Training Systems is working with community groups and learning institutions to train motivated qualified students. We are going to provide additional enhanced learning courses through innovative use of internet/web technologies, and with teachers who are not in the same locations as the students; for example using Zoom or similar apps.