What We Do

We are a charity called FearlessLeaders.com that is building a specific targeted curriculum in order to develop and graduate students who are focused on changing the world for the better; in cooperation with their peers and an ever-growing network of caring business and charity associates.

Our mission is to leverage modern educational tactics and the best teachers, to train students 15-25 years old; with the ultimate intent of helping them reinvent Washington, traditional media, social media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and other major cities, given the evolving risks and corrupt histories of those spaces; using best practices, better ideas, and innovative human and electronic networks.

We intend to prepare students ready to lead in politics, business, media, and other key leadership positions, working with their fellow graduates on specific plans; and with other interested parties; including some with existing powerful projects, brands, and finances.

We will create and distribute leadership courses that train students on ideas, and related actions that they should take, that are not ordinarily well covered in schools; and to build associated human and electronic networks, meant for growth and influence.


Everyone can see the disastrous consequences of incompetent leadership. It is critical that the next generation has extra education, outside of the traditional classroom environment, in order to understand the real world, and take actions accordingly; becoming effective fearless leaders.

We want to select exceptional students who have the innate potential for leadership, and are motivated to become leaders, and participate in our unique training system and human network. We will focus on working with partners in underserved communities to find the most pertinent student applicants, and offer them our program at no cost. At the same time, given the excellence of the proposed program, we believe we can create demand in wealthier communities, with financially better off families, who are willing and able to pay for courses; which will help fund our growth and ability to serve.

This is our best bet to improve the world; ever-more youth with better educations and job training, working in unison.