Public Speaking

FearlessLeaders is all about disseminating the best ideas as virally as possible; to get the best global practices spread further and adopted more, in a viral pyramid. This is the way to save the economy and the people; help ease global suffering for everyone’s benefit (More freedom and Democracy, more money, less crime, happier society, etc.).

We want to shoot down bad information and ideas by spreading better ones; which includes a legion of graduated FearlessLeaders students entering key roles in society, and speaking publicly as much as possible, to as wide of an audience as possible; constantly growing larger and encouraging those others to spread the same positive messages in a similar manner.

There are enough resources in the world for everyone, if it were not wasted so much, and it were spread and shared better with more needy populations. There is really no reason to fight. Fighting is due to evil and selfish people that have no problem hurting or taking from average citizens, and suppressing their ability to speak about or resist it; like Putin in Russia, Xi in China, and Kim in N. Korea; the epitomes of evil and danger, crushing the positive opportunities of others and their potential wealth.

Resisting the ways of tyrants and teaching truthful narratives is the key. The object here is to love and help one another thrive, and enjoy their families and their lives; explicitly not to allow others with bad intent and bad government to dictate.

Among the most critical elements to make this utopian paradigm a reality is to make sure our students have access to the most rational, helpful information for their benefit and that of the world overall; and that they are assisted by our excellent focused teachers in absorbing and understanding it optimally.

Empowered with good information and mentorship, students can feel confident about their knowledge of the important subject matters at hand. Then it is in everyone’s best interests that they help make as many others as possible as smart and helpful as themselves. One of the best ways is to leverage media and social media (plus contact and data management) through methodologies described elsewhere on this site. Another fabulous way to spread best practices is through public speaking, once students and others are armed with powerful ideas and self-confidence.

Knowledge is power. Self-confidence is power. Now you need to get others on board your train to have a much greater positive impact. Multiply your helpful power as much as possible.

Ultimately, there is a battle for the hearts and minds of the people. The smart, kind, unselfish leaders need to win/save others. This includes you. You know about the extensive evils of the world, and now you also know public speaking is one path to solving many of them.

So, plan to be a fearless leader; a confident public speaker. Practicing speaking as much as possible is the best course. Arm yourself with training from professionals, and the documented best practices of public speaking.


Great methods to become a powerful and convincing speaker include:

Train yourself to be ever more confident, knowing that communicating effectively is critical for your success and for your family. Be empowered with the knowledge that you can overcome the natural nervousness public speaking often causes, and other potential obstacles, like you have had to do for many other life challenges. Recognize this challenge is also important, and practice accordingly.

Start by being as accurate, knowledgeable, and intelligent as possible about your subject matter.

Make sure you have a clear succinct message to share.

Organize your material in detail. Get help preparing the messaging and materials if necessary.

Practice your speeches as much as possible in advance with friends, family, and coworkers.

Record your practice and live speeches. Review past recordings. Get feedback about recordings and live speeches from friends, family, coworkers, and your audiences. Adjust your next speeches accordingly.

Bring notes or an outline; but know your material by heart as much as possible. Don’t read the speech if possible; go with your notes and outline and confidently discuss what you have learned, with the messaging and surrounding narrative you seek to communicate.

Plan to be as persuasive as possible; making your time count.

Know the background and interests of your audience as much as possible in advance, to adjust your messaging to their needs and abilities to absorb it at the right level; based on your mutual goals, the medium you are leveraging, and the situation you are in.

Think positively all the time. Plan on being successful.

Be yourself. Relax. Leverage your natural likable personality.

Use humor, and tell interesting exciting stories. Engage with your audience.

Pace yourself

Make sure there is no visual or auditory interference so you and your audience can stay focused.

Pay attention to your body language and correct accordingly. Also note any clues your audience is giving in their body language. Watch for real-time feedback.

Don’t worry about mistakes which are normal even for the best speakers. Adapt. Cope with your nerves however necessary. This is mostly conquered by practice, making it perfectly good enough.

Be prepared to answer questions happily and effectively.


You should join the organizations below; take their classes, and socialize with their teachers and graduates, to learn more about self-confidence and public speaking, and therein better serve your family and society:

Toastmasters International

National Speakers Association

Institute of Public Speaking

National Symposium for Debate

Debate Drills

Interstate Oratory Association