Mission Statement

To help evolve as many true leaders, who will recruit and train as many additional true leaders, as possible; and for each to build as massive of followings as possible; which all tie back to our network and goals to change the US, and the world, for the better; for our children’s futures.

We want to recruit and help place as many leaders to evolve in to top positions in media, government, charity, lobbying, internet as we can. Reshape Washington, New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Seattle and Hollywood with best practices and math, to actually serve the average working tax paying people, (instead of special interests currently), by removing as much waste, fraud, lies, danger, and stupidity as possible; get rid of outdated ideas, practices and people ASAP. Use ideas and people we have vetted in which we have high confidence.

To do so the main goal is training those hopeful leaders in motivational public speaking, self-confidence, good English, and modern ‘sales and marketing’ practices; replacing bad practices and people; espousing our top priority ideas and narratives (which are described elsewhere on this web site); leveraging business, finance, and internet related technologies, and their best practices; to make those ideas scale virally; with our brand FearlessLeaders.com associated to the extent possible.

So, we can grow bigger and faster, and help more people; and try our best to permanently displace tainted brands who are using bad practices; endless political and media related groups. (Like Democrats/Republicans Fox/NBC, China/Russia, ISIS/Taliban, FB/Tiktok, etc.)

Our mission is to create and distribute leadership courses, and build associated human and electronic networks, meant for growth and influence. And to graduate students; preferably ready to lead in politics, business, media, and other key leadership positions, working with their fellow graduates on specific plans; and with other interested parties; including some with their own powerful projects, brands, and finances.

We want to select exceptional students who have the innate potential for leadership, are very motivated to be leaders, and join our awesome training system and human network (massively leveraging the best in contact management, lead generation, appointment setting, presentations, and converting leads to goals.

Our process is to qualify potential partner and leaders; then make sure they are delivered a stellar educational experience in leadership.