Training Courses for Students 15-25 years old
Founder Michael F. Mann
• To help educate and evolve as many true leaders, who will recruit and train as many additional true leaders, as possible; and for each to build as massive of followings as possible; which all tie back to our network and goals to change the US and the world for the better; for our children’s futures.
• We want to teach, and then help place, as many leaders as possible in to top positions in media, government, charity, lobbying, and internet. Reshape Washington, New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Seattle and Hollywood, for example, with best practices and math; to serve the average working tax paying people (instead of special interests mostly currently); by removing as much waste, fraud, lies, danger, and stupidity as possible; get rid of outdated ideas, practices and people ASAP. Use ideas and people we have vetted in which we have high confidence.
Subjects for students
With your sponsorship we intend to create innovative, effective training courses with world experts; and have them teach the following subjects that are often poorly addressed in modern schools:
• Capitalism vs. Socialism
• Charity work
• China and Russia
• Civics
• Competition
• Contact management; building coalitions, teams, followers
• Democracy
• Economics
• Education system
• Ethics and character
• Healthcare
• Human rights
• Immigration
• Innovation
• Internet and social media
• Job training
• Military
• Patriotism
• Politics
• Public speaking and self confidence
• Racism
• Social entrepreneurism and business
• Terrorism and extremists
Your support matters
• Teaching youth to be leaders, while building long term effective coalitions to address the most difficult issues facing society, is the best bet to change the world for the better.
• We are seeking early support for this exciting endeavor, in order to hire the people and build the systems necessary to grow and succeed.