Below are the first four topics for the initial classes of Additional subjects can be seen at

1. Public Speaking and self-confidence: students will learn to speak and write proper businesslike English, and form independent ideas.

It is key to our plan that they learn to prepare excellent, meaningful, presentations, and the ability to deliver them professionally.

We want them to graduate with great presentation skills and top-notch public speaking abilities; plus content creation and acquisition skills, including creating and working with a variety of images, videos and text, while leveraging professional design in all mediums, online and off.

2. History of Government, including the corruption of major political parties and systems. Students will learn about the two-party system, and how it is more like a one-party system that ultimately represents similarly situated special interests "a person or group seeking to influence legislative or government policy to further often narrowly defined interests especially: lobby"; stealing from future generations; overtaxing; more work/less pay; not representative of common hard working tax paying families.

Special interests that successfully infiltrate and change government decision making or laws are ultimately "conflicts of interest" for legislators, irrespective of the possible beneficiaries; even if its you. It’s wrong and unsustainable, inefficient, overtaxing, immoral, antireligion, bad for kids, military, healthcare and all the taxpayers. The government is supposed to be equal for everyone.

  • Hysteria, hypocrisy, and distorted perceptions will be covered
  • Government contracting
  • Government propaganda
  • Media/Fake news; lying politicians and lobbyists

3. Civics, Community Activism and The Importance of Local Politics (Students will be assisted to actively participate in local government activities.)

  • Racism, and how to fight against it; and sexism.
  • Dramatizing racism in areas it doesn’t exist is the creation of racism
  • Not relying on government
  • Constitution
  • Subsidies, welfare system, vs charity
  • Evils of China, Russia and communism/socialism/dictatorships
  • Terrorism, muslim extremism, white supremacy, antifa/anarchists
  • Government accountability/waste/fraud/nepotism/
  • Crime control

You don’t have to be part of any religion or political party to enjoy and espouse the greatness of American freedom and democracy. The dynamic complexity and size of the nation ensures things won’t be perfect, there will be trouble, but that does not take away from the greatness and sacrifice and opportunity of the nation, or the idea that people need to study and appreciate democracy, rights and obligations and pride, teach. Should not radicalize people or prevent them from participating.

4. Speaking out

The psychology of social media, and using it as a positive advantage. Using technology to create changes in media and government, charity, and society at large.