Database Management and Leadgen

In this role you will be responsible for mastering global databases and software systems (like,, D and B, etc.) to assist with fundraising. You will identify and load an ever-expanding number of potential donors in to popular CRM software, based on specific criteria we identify, using apps like HyperSocial, Salesforce, Hubspot and Bloomerang. Plus managing Kajabi, Xperiencify, Zapier, Mailchimp, ConstantContact or other similar apps.

Get contact management system installed and fields clarified and completed ASAP.

Fill database with an ever-growing stream of leads; and a consistently improving number of appointments; and constantly better ‘closing rate’. This should have all the fields properly labelled and data cleaned for effective use; proper spelling and English.

Social and Content

Social media management and communications on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, TikTok and others. Create content, copy, share, edit, follow, post, SEO.


The most important part of the leads and closing system is the fundraising, which is totally necessary for growth, scale and effectiveness; plus shows that the public supports what we are doing; all of which allows us to help more people faster and longer.

Achieve greater scale and more efficiency, and a higher closing rate every period, with measured results and corrective actions taken, to keep compounding our excellent work.

With more finance x10 then x100, x1000, we can hire more people to help, and do better at all aspects (The idea is that this is mission critical to the world; saving people; can’t miss anything.)

Curriculum Development


Dealmaking with Prospective Partners

Pay for each role is based on experience and skills.

If you are interested please contact Mike Mann (email: mikemann (a)